L'Homme Rochas

L’Homme Rochas embodies all facets of masculinity, with a hint of the unexpected.

Available in 40ml, 60ml & 100ml.


Eau de parfum


The portrait in a fragrance of a man of character, captivating but somehow elusive. A woody hesperidium encasing a subtle harmony of fresh and spicy notes, where blood orange mingles with basil and Tonka bean.


Top note

A burst of citrus in the head notes with hints of blood orange and pineapple hesperidia give way to a deep, spicy core of cardamom. L’Homme Rochas has a direct charm to it, striking and obvious.


Heart note

A breath of aromatic freshness with heavenly hints of geranium and basil essence finely heightened by the woody notes of juniper berries bolsters the mysterious aura of this man.


Bottom note

Opulent patchouli enveloped in a rare combination of moss and Tonka bean.



L’Homme Rochas boasts an elegant bottle. The deep blue, ribbed bottle almost looks as if it is clad in a refined smoking jacket. The ultimate symbol of the gentleman. The metal plaque bearing the name of the perfume and its silver cap add a touch of modernity.

The blue bottle




L’Homme and Mademoiselle. A free-spirited, modern Parisian duo. A rendez-vous with the unexpected. No plans, nor maps. Just the freedom to write their own wild epic. Their laughter forms the soundtrack to Romantic Paris, guaranteed to get their hearts skipping a beat. The French capital is so much more than a backdrop – an active participant in their love games.

Love Vertigo


L’Homme Rochas — 

L’Homme Rochas

Mademoiselle Rochas
Eau de parfum


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