Eau de Rochas


Eau de Rochas makes you want to drop everything and take off, right now. The French Riviera, unique and timeless, abounds with coastal cliffs, water running over rocks inundated with sunlight. The Rochas woman, majestic in an evanescent dress, is weaving a canvas made up of moments of joy.

Eau de Rochas



An exhilarating splash of citrus, bursting forth like the fresh air of freedom. Eau de Rochas is a refined blend of cool, fresh water and the reassuring heat of high summer.

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Eau de Rochas

With its trail of hesperidia, Eau de Rochas is one of the rare high-end fragrances to have achieved mythical status.

Eau de Rochas

Eau de Rochas l’Essentiel is a fresh and luminous fragrance that recalls the glow of the setting sun on the ocean during the last days of summer.

Eau de Rochas
Citron Soleil

A delicate fragrance that whisks you away to the foot of a majestic lemon tree on the Mediterranean Riviera.

Eau de Rochas

This great aromatic, citrussy classic is the masculine version of Eau de Rochas.

A manifesto for spontaneity and freshness, in a bottle that crystallises the torrents.

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