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Eau de Rochas

With its trail of hesperidia, Eau de Rochas is one of the rare high-end fragrances to have achieved mythical status.

Available in 50ml, 100ml & 220ml.


Eau de toilette


A refreshing cascade imprisoned in glass. A fragrance illuminated by a combination of citrus fruit and white flowers and packed with nuance, detail, and chiaroscuro.


Top note

The initial burst of freshness comes from a fizzing marriage of bergamot, mandarin and lemon. Chic verbena with its green notes is a breath of fresh air that rushes out of the bottle.


Heart note

After the citrus comes a sustained floral heart with pronounced notes of narcissus, jasmine and lily of the valley. Like an armful of freshly picked flowers, the sensation is of radiant nature.


Bottom note

The chypre base notes provide an opulent charm, mingling oak moss, myrrh and patchouli, to give overall depth and prolong that special freshness without altering it.



Light pours through the bottle and its golden fragrance revealing all the energy in Eau de Rochas. Topped with a finely cut transparent cap, the thick cylinder sports an elegant silver band at the top bearing the name of the fragrance.




Vibrant, delicate and fresh, Eau de Rochas is the very embodiment of elegance according to Hélène Rochas. A pioneer in terms of freedom and sheer joie de vivre, in 1970 she created a modern fragrance reminiscent of azure skies, dazzling landscapes and the gentle pleasures of life. Liberated womanhood, conjuring the image of women in beach pyjamas designed by her husband Marcel Rochas. Eau de Rochas is a legendary fragrance that has been writing its continuous story for 50 years.



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Eau de Rochas


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