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Jean-Michel Duriez

Jean-Michel Duriez, born in 1961, has been in love with perfume since his earliest youth. Having studied at ISIPCA and in Grasse, “the cradle of perfumery,” his apprenticeship was carried out under conditions few perfumers of his generation had the opportunity of experiencing. He entered Jean Patou and learned the art of perfumery à la française, fraught with tradition and respect for raw materials, with Jean Kerléo. There, he created fragrances for Jean Patou, Lacoste and Yohji Yamamoto. Heir to that high legacy, he joined Rochas in 2008 as house perfumer, following in the footsteps of Nicolas Mamounas. Rochas did not choose him at random, for many of Jean-Michel Duriez’s preferences are the same as those that have intrigued the perfumers of Rochas from the beginning: floral notes, fruity notes, gourmand notes that confer an identifiable signature to each of his perfumes.